Shashi K. Murthy, Ph.D.
Phone: +1 (617) 373-4017

The Biological Surface Engineering and Microfluidics Laboratory at Northeastern University headed by Prof. Shashi Murthy was established in January 2006.

The primary focus of our research is the design of microfluidic devices for applications in clinical diagnostics and regenerative medicine. These devices are fabricated using technology originally designed for the semiconductor industry and are capable of handling and manipulating small volumes of fluids (down to tens of microliters) and small numbers of cells. Our expertise is in functionalizing microfluidic channels with a broad range of biomolecules and achieving high-resolution cell separation with these simple and easy-to-use devices.

Prof. Murthy Promoted to Full Professor of Chemical Engineering

Prof. Murthy to represent Sherman Center and Northeastern at National Academy Symposium
The Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium is organized annually by the US National Academy of Engineering and attendees are identified following a competitive process. Press release.

Prof. Murthy Named to Analytical Chemistry Features Panel
Membership to this Panel is by invitation and its role is to identify authors and topics for featured and review articles that this journal publishes as well as guide the overall direction of the journal.

More News

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Tunable Electrophoretic Separations Using a Scalable, Fabric-Based Platform Analytical Chemistry 2015 (published online). More…

Microfluidic Cell Separation: A Solved Problem? Analytical Chemistry 2014 (published online; invited Perspective Article). More…

Microfluidic Isolation of CD34+ Skin Cells Enables Regeneration of Hair and Sebaceous Glands In Vivo Stem Cells Translational Medicine 2014 (published online; cover feature). More...

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